Christopher Kennedy Lawford spent much of his life navigating between the worlds of Hollywood and Washington as an actor, writer, lawyer, activist and public speaker. Growing up as a Kennedy provided his mission wanting to help others. Chris’s father was the iconic Peter Lawford and his mother was Patricia Kennedy, sister of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy, and Senator Ted Kennedy.

Christopher has over fifteen years in the film and television business as an actor, lawyer, executive and producer. He first began his career at Universal Studios Independent Film Acquisitions where he was responsible for the acquisition of American Graffiti which was one of the highest grossing films of the early 70’s. While as a independent producer he financed and produced both “Kiss Me Guido” & “Drunks” which were selected for the Sundance Film Festival. His acting credits include Eavesdrop, Slipstream, The World’s Fastest Indian, Terminator 3, Blankman, The Doors, The Russia House and many more. He also starred on the popular soap opera All My Children for three years.

Mr. Lawford has written many books which have ranked on the New York Best Selling list, “Symptoms of Withdrawal”, “Moments of Clarity” and “Recover to Live: Kick Any Habit, Manage Any Addiction” and “What Addicts Know: 10 Lessons from Recovery to Benefit Everyone”. These great books reflect his childhood and growing up as a “Kennedy”, his struggles with addiction and how he began his journey to sobriety. During the past five years he has worked with numerous partners in the private industry, the non-profit sector, state and federal government and patient advocacy groups to effect change and raise awareness about addiction.