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darnellLeading Anti-Aging expert and blogger Darnell Cox is founder of Live Young Lifestyle whose mission is to attack the aging process from every angle…Mind, Body & Spirit.  Darnell bought her first wrinkle cream at age 17 and has never looked back.

Now at age 47, Darnell is the mother of 3 young adults and her passion is Aging Well!

Her “must-read” blogs focus on 4 key areas: Look Young, Eat Young, Move Young and Be Young and feature beauty and fitness product reviews, healthy recipes, wrinkle and botox tips, meditation and happiness guidance, relationship advice and mantras, among other compelling topics.  Darnell considers herself a lifelong guinea pig for new products and started her blog to share her knowledge and provide immediate information to friends, clients and women around the world.   Website: www.liveyounglifestyle.com


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