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Dr. James Mercer, Ph.D

Dr. James Mercer, Ph.D is an author, motivational speaker and philanthropist. He has been featured on San Diego Living, Good Day Austin, Daytime NBC, Bravo and other media outlets across the country, as well as charitable events and book tours. Dr. Mercerholds a doctorate in counseling psychology and a degree in funeral service. He owns a foster care and adoption agency focusing on the hundreds of children throughout Texas who have suffered abuse and neglect. As an advocate for children, Dr. Mercer is passionate about finding forever homes for the many youth in the foster care system who remain parentless. He also serves on the board of directors for Lonestar Fostering Connections, a 501c3 dedicated to fulfilling the needs of foster children who have special needs that cannot be met with public funding.  He lives in Austin with his partner and three daughters and finds joy in his Jewish faith and community. His newly released memoir, “Secrets & Shame: Dear Oprah Diaries” is the story of a gay Jewish boy growing up in a small Texas town. Born to an alcoholic abusive father who blamed him for everything that went wrong in his life, James nearly didn’t make it out alive. http://www.drjamesmercer.com/